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Wednesday, June 09, 2021
Ever heard the term “male menopause" - what does it mean?Read all about it on our latest blog.
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Thursday, June 03, 2021
We’ve probably all heard that adopting a pet is healthy, but is it really true? Read all about it on our latest blog:
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Tuesday, June 01, 2021
Conroe, TX (June 1, 2021) –The 12th Annual MCABW Foundation awarded by The Montgomery County Association of Business Women (MCABW) funds scholarships for twelve female high school seniors attending school in Montgomery County.  Although there was not an in-person event this year, sufficient income was raised through the benevolence of many sponsors to continue the scholarship program. Each of the more
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Tuesday, June 01, 2021
You don’t have to wait until your HVAC system stops working on a 95-degree day when your friends and family are coming over in an hour to celebrate your Son’s Birthday (that’s always when it happens, right?)Be on the lookout for these signs that your HVAC system might be reaching the end of its life: continue reading on our latest blog.
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Thursday, May 27, 2021
(Conroe, TX- May 27, 2021)– To reach your personal and professional goals efficiently and joyously it is important to have self-awareness and clarity. You can set sail without all the equipment, without safe weather, and without sailing lessons, and your path may take you to unchartered areas. Or you can pack the tools you need with an experienced captain to offer guidance and encouragement to more
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Saturday, May 01, 2021
 How often should you clean your dryer vent?    ?A sigh of relief: it always feels good to check that last item off your spring-cleaning to-do list, but check it twice, did you remember to clean your dryer vent? ? It’s not something you probably think about much but cleaning your dryer vent is an important part of routine maintenance in your home.How to know when it is time to clean your dryer more
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Thursday, April 01, 2021
ActivePure Technology by Aerus Kills COVID-19 and 99% of Surface and Airborne Contaminants in Your HomeThe Air Scrubber by Aerus with ActivePure® Technology is an affordable piece of equipment that easily installs into your HVAC system’s ductwork. It continuously works to remove surface contaminants, air pollution, VOCs, pet dander, odors, and dust, resulting in a clean and healthy environment for more
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Monday, March 01, 2021
The hot summer months are right around the corner which means it’s time for spring safety and maintenance inspections on your HVAC equipment. So, what is a spring check for and why is it beneficial to you? READ OUR BLOG  
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